Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting Commission

So this is a break from normalcy for me. Color! Paint! Minimal lines! Gasp! Did Ethan Mongin really do this? Or did some demon from a parallel hell dimension possess his body just long enough to post this polychromatic oddity to his blog site? We may never know the answer.....Or...the answer could be.....that Ethan needed money to buy a ring for a lovely lady and decided that he'd rather do it by painting as opposed to stealing or shanking an inter-dimentional hell beast that might not have appreciated being mugged by a skinny white boy.


  1. Hoodathunkit! I'm impressed, and a bit confused.
    And might I know this certain young lady?

  2. The painting was pretty fun actually. Worked on it while bailing out the basement during that flood.....

  3. Dammit, Ethan, and you were the one who was all, "oh I don't really like color..." Then you do this?! I don't want to hear it! You better do more color after showing us this!

    And of course your black and white stuff is still awesome.

  4. He he he he....what can I say? I'm bashful...