Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Artistic Inspiration: Amazing Spiderman Trade Paperbacks

I've quickly become a huge fan of the Amazing Spiderman "The Gauntlet" trade paperbacks. I love how each of the five books reintroduces classic villains in very sympathetic ways. Back stories are recreated with more pathos and emotion, and elaborated in short stories that relate to events in larger narratives. The lizard stories in this particular issue are very well written, and the coloring and thick line art in the issue are pretty eye catching. 

The way this guy draws women's faces...EPIC!

Huge fan of the inking in this comic. 

I love how this sequence plays out. The coloring and narrow horizontals really hype the tension.

More examples of great facial expressions from this book.

I'm not as huge of a  fan of the stories found in this trade...but there is one out-of-the-box illustrated one that immediately caught my eye. I like that Marvel lets some not so "comic booky" artists work on the shorter, more humorous stories. The artwork really pushes the rather lackluster writing and gags into a better place when it's allowed to be unorthodox and whimsical.


Love the sequencing of this page.

This villain is pretty fly.

Much love for the typography of this and the following page.

Type = orgasm

Well-drawn faces.