Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gijoe Inks

Here's a bunch of works in progress...I'm not sure how long it'll take to get these colored since my computer is sort of dead at the I thought I'd upload these now to give myself some sort of sense of accomplishment. I recently found a big book of Gijoes at the local library and I just went hog wild illustrating the characters while I was on vacation last week. 

T. A. R. G. A. T. vs Countdown Inks

Alley Viper Inks

Darklon Inks

Dial Tone vs. Techno Viper Inks

Dusty vs. Desert Scorpions Inks

Barbecue, Ice Cream Soldier,  Charbroil Inks

Repeater, Leatherneck, Beach Head vs. Cobra Eels Inks

T'JBang Inks

Laser Viper Inks

Mutt and Law vs. Stinger Driver

Metal Head Inks

Low Light vs. Night Viper Inks

Recondo vs. Gnawgahyde Inks

Red Dog, Taurus, and Mercer Inks

Outback vs. Croc Master Inks

Zartan vs. Muskrat Inks

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