Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year Sketches

Soooo….my wife and I have had a slight set back in the productivity of our Pretty Weird Art Business. I just got home this week to find that the water pipes in our house had burst. Our studio flooded and all of the comic book pages that I've been working on for the last couple of months are floating on top of an inch of water….Seeing the inked pages of my comic float by is kinda…sad…Other than that mishap, Pretty Weird has been "Off the Grid" for the Holidays. We're about to restart our weekly art uploads. Rachel's been busy working on "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" artwork and I've been busy working on the inks for the second issue of Skull Gun Bunny. Here are a couple of drawings that escaped our recent flood...

Over the holidays I was drawing the old kenner action figures for the Aliens movies…but most of those are water damaged beyond recognition. I did have one that survived. It's a pretty cool action figure named Atax. It's a colonial marine in a robotic alien suit.

Today on my lunch break I decided to sketch out Professor X vs. Magneto...

I'm finally getting the time to color my ninja turtle sketches from work…hoping to get these done by con season. 

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