Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Island of Dr. Moreau Continued

Some further illustrations for H.G. Wells' mini masterpiece. I was reading The Island of Dr. Moreau recently and it filled me with a greatly missed nostalgia for my childhood. Odd isn't that? You'd think a Saturday morning cartoon or pop song would be the sort of thing to jog one's longing for their youth....apparently I'm wired differently. I miss Wells' writing style. The pacing and verbiage just fill my mind with illustrative ideas. A novel from the 1800 or 1900's seems easier to invision as an illustration because there's a built in romanticism for whatever period that's being represented. Whereas most of today's modern setting books really lack those visuals that demand to be drawn or visualed in viserality.

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  1. i love, love, love these! awesome! makes me want to read the book! where is it??! sorry to hear about the cut-outs; can you post them on your blog?????