Monday, June 10, 2013

Heroes Con 2013: Post Mortem

Heroes Con was just this last week. I was able to attend with my beautiful wife Rachel Mongin, an awesome writer friend of mine Mark Szaz, and with a bunch of other uber talented artists. We all had a blast.
I thought that I'd share some of the commission sketches and a few other pictures from the event.

A huge shootout to everyone who stopped by our Pretty Weird booth and spoke to us. It was great to talk to some many people who loved the comic medium. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support of the arts.

For those of you who contributed to the "Idea Box", I'll be posting a tab on this website and our site with a status report on the project. I'll update the pages as the project continues to evolve. We had well over 80 people contribute their ideas to the project, and some of the ideas are incredibly entertaining. We even enjoyed the guy's who contributed drawings of large phallic symbols. We know your hearts were in the right place...

Anyways, you don't want to read me babbling, let's get on with the pics from the show!


Rachel Mongin's Black Widow




Rachel's drawing of someone's original character

Rachel's Scarlet Witch

An awesome lady who asked for a Catwoman sketch

Harry learns something he can't unlearn about the dementors...

This was an awesome commission! The guy who asked me to draw this Joe handed me his own sketchbook that held sketches by the original artists that worked on the Gijoe comics in the 80's!

Here's the artwork to prove it! My cartoon Joe is in the same book as Ron's version of the Joe! My artwork is just pages away from the guy who drew the Joe Comics in the 80's! Geekgasm!

Moon Knight Smack Down!

Rachel's Hedwig

A few of my mini prints

Rachel and Mark manning our booth like pros!

Our little set up of comics, sketches, original artwork, and mini prints.

The Pretty Weird Gang

Our loot pilfered from our fellow artists in artist alley.

Iron Grenadier

Metal Head

Rachel's Samurai



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