Sunday, June 30, 2013

Skull Gun Bunny Preview

All of our projects right now fall into the "work in progress" category. That happens to be the disadvantage to being obsessive compulsive creative people, we have a gazillion things going all at the same time. While we put the finishing touches on some of our story projects, I thought that I would share a short preview of "Skull Gun Bunny". The first issue is a 40 page comic that tells the strange story of Jeff and Otto, two college-bound bunnies who encounter mechanized zombies and the embodiment of Death while shopping at the local supermarket. I'm in the process of coloring and lettering the comic. The pages I'm sharing below are the first 6 pages with the base colors applied. The story begins with Jeff and Otto journeying to the supermarket. Meanwhile, across town, some mechanized zombies are preparing for a kidnapping mission at that same supermarket. 

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