Sunday, May 1, 2011

Artistic Inspiration - Shag

Shag is a painter that perplexes me. I have a love-hate appreciation for his artwork. He has just enough detail to attract attention to his paintings, but not so much that you can't take in his paintings in a glance. He uses texture, but in a limited way. His artwork is clear but cryptic as well. I've seen him and his work at DragonCon before and I found his artwork provokes me to jealousy. He's  taken cartoon imagery, paint, 1950's lounge culture, and mixed it all into a very marketable art style. His work seems to be accepted as both illustration and fine art. That is where I want to be with my artwork. If there's a single artist that I feel encapsulates where I would like to take my career, it would be Shag.

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