Sunday, May 1, 2011

Artistis Goals for 2011

I come from a family of list makers. My family swears by a life lived by lists and check marks. Last year I set a list of artistic goals for the year and I'm really amazed at where I am in the present. Every goal that I set has been accomplished. I never thought that I'd see the entire list completed so quickly.

My goals were fairly simple. I wanted to have some colored illustrations to accompany the monochromatic ones in my portfolio,  to finish my thesis and thesis show for graduate school, to apply for a few more freelance jobs and to get a piece of my artwork into the Society of Illustrators.

Today, I've gotten into the Society of Illustrators, worked several freelance jobs, permeated  my portfolio with color, and in a week I'll have my thesis show under wraps. So it's time to set a new list of goals.

I'm still working on establishing my artistic identity, but I do know the types of projects that I find the most interesting. Graphic novels, web comics, web banners, posters, concept art, and pretty much anything involving creative problem solving in a group setting. I'd really like to ferret out some projects in my fields of interest.

Goals for the rest of 2011:
1) Launch the web comic that I've been developing with my wife
2) Finish the plotting for the graphic novel that I concepted last year
3) Develop artwork for art fairs, research art fairs for 2012
4) Submit work to the list of art directors that I've assembled
5) Finish the posters for the Greenville Little Theater Season
6) Submit artwork to the major illustration competitions
7) Talk with the Last Angry Geek and see if he needs a banner illustrator

That's my basic list of things to do. Of course it's likely to change a bit, but that's what I'd like to accomplish for the rest of the year.

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