Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teatrio Submissions

I posted the dummy to these illustrations some time last year. Here are the more finalized pages. The Teatrio competition has some of the best illustrators in the business competing in it. Why not compete with them? You never know who will see what you're working on...might resonate with just the right person.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Billy Goats Gruff

Here's the line work for a painting I'm working on for a New York City show that's coming up. The theme is imagination. Troll is pretty much the first thing that pops into my head when the word imagination is used. So Billy Goats Gruff popped out. I want to do another piece or two for the play Peer Gynt. Can't wait to get it started.

Mail Me Art

So there's this funky European contest, Mail Me Art. I found it online. Looked at it's info. Liked it. And decided to do a piece for it. Frankenstein's monster is always lurking around in my subconscious for some reason. Figured I'd use this contest to get him out of my head for a while.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Santa Clause Illustrations

So my Christmas project was a zine featuring Santa Clause....sort of. I didn't feel like doing the traditional "Coca-cola" Santa that we see every year. I was sort of thinking, what was Santa like if he had existed in different forms and in different time periods. What if he was a normal guy that went through a thousand year midlife crisis every now and then? That's my kind of Santa. By the time the ideas got better, the break ran out. You'll find Jeni Clause, Ninja Clause, Mutton Clause, Super Clause, Metal Clause, Evil get the picture. If there's one that you're a bit fuzzy on, just make up whatever time period he look likes he's from....Oh, as a preemptive explanation, the Mascot Clause is handing out kosher hot dogs. A shout out to all my Jewish buddies.