Saturday, December 29, 2012

Evil Overthrowers Character Development

Character Development for the heroes of Evil Overthrowers...consisting of a geek, a redneck, a vampire hunter, and a government agent with awesome powers....

Skull Gun Bunny Concept Work

Granny Love and Bo's Home

Granny Love and Bo

Otto and Jeff's room at Granny Love's House

 Big City University Building

 Professor Trifecta's hidden lab on the campus of Big City University

Two of Otto's art teachers at Big City University

The Literature teacher and Headmaster of Big City University

Painting Professor of Big City University

The Science Teachers at Big City University

The Head of the Science Department at Big City University

The Dorm Hag that lives in a haunted, Brigadoon-type dorm building that haunts the grounds of the Big City University

A Wildman from the Sewers

Jeff fighting off a ghost in the chemistry lab

 Otto verses the pee zombies of the second floor of the Fine Arts Building

Cover Sketch idea for the first issue of Skull Gun Bunny

Bunny Zombies that Jeff and Otto must fight in the supermarket

The Supermarket, Jeff's van, and the Zombie Battle Wagon

The Big City Police Department Mechwarrior

 Big City's Outskirts

 Big City's Inner City

 Rabbit, Dog, and Cat Cars found in the Big City

Otto's Taxi Cab

Restaurants in the Big City

Cat, Dog, and Bunny dwellings

Cat, Dog, and Bunny dwellings
Jeff's parent's home

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Skull Gun Bunny Character Development

Character Bios and Designs for "Skull Gun Bunny" Comic
OTTO: One of the two protagonists in the story I'm developing. He's a literary nerd that's always depressing people around him and acting odd. He's sort of a preppy nerd, but still awkward in the way that attracts lots of female attention and pity dates. The left drawing is Otto in his normal state at the beginning of the story, the right drawing is his state after a run in with Death. 

JEFF: Jeff is Otto's best friend. He's a science fiction nerd that's been Otto's only friend since high school. The two of them head off to college together which is where the main story will begin. He's a much simpler character than Otto. He's a fun person looking for jollies and nothing more out of life. I tried a few costume changes and of course his "bone state" after his run in with Death. 

Bunny Death: Jeff and Otto meet death in college. When they meet him, he's a burned out salesman who hates life, which is why he's in the business of taking life....Through a series of events he and the boys become estranged....friends....sort of.