Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gift Baskets for Me

A work in progress for a local business in Atlanta, GA. We wanted to create a readily identifiable character that was likable but not so cartoonish that he kept the logo from looking refined. It's a bit retro. Still tooling around with it. Working up some more variations for holidays and the like.

Monster Painting

Forgive the relatively poor quality of this photograph. I took a rather hurried snap shot of this painting. The colors are a bit off. I did this for a self-promotion event.
It's about 6 feet long and 4 feet high. Never tried a pattern monster painting this big.
It was a good experience. I'm planning on redoing the monsters individually as vector artwork.
I think a few of them have enough personality to carry on as independent characters.

Mail Me Art 2

Check it out. I was skeptical that my artwork made it across the Atlantic for the Mail Me Art 2 contest...but low and behold, it made it into the January section of the contest. Check out the link and look for Frankenstein's monster...pretty sure mine is the only one in there...January mail me art 2