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Skull Gun Bunny Comic Sketches

Below are a few more Skull Gun Bunny sketches from the weekend. 

If anyone would like to purchase one of the originals, they are available for $30. Email us at for further details. Payment can be made via Paypall. At the moment we can only ship in the U.S.A. but we hope to have international shipping set up once we can figure out how to make it affordable. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Skull Gun Bunny Artwork

I'm working on some ideas for Skull Gun Bunny posters for next year's cons…this is an idea I'm liking…I may turn it into a print or poster next year. 

Skull Gun Bunny Villain Bios

Skull Gun Bunny Villains
I've been working on character designs for several villains that will appear in future issues of Skull Gun Bunny. A few weeks ago, I did a spontaneous drawing of a couple of shady characters that I spent the last couple of days refining. I wrote a biography of each character and drew a one page comic that's a "cliff notes" synopsis of their backstories. I'll be coloring these eventually, but the coloring is on the back burner until I finish two other projects. I'll repost the colors with the inks once they're all colored.

FIfi Cliche
Fifi’s last name is Cliché. He’s always hated that name. He tried to change his name when his family immigrated to the states, but his family wouldn’t let him. They said that their family name was a proud symbol of wealth and prosperity in their homeland. Fifi argued that in their present homeland, their name was a punchline.
Fifi saw his surname as a sign that Fate was screwing with him, so he decided to fight back. He left his family in the countryside and moved to the big city. He looked for work in the city, but his lack of legal immigration documentation landed him with only the crummiest of low-wage jobs. After months of penny pinching, he saved enough money to buy a fake credentials with the name of Fifi’s own choosing—“John Doe”. Armed with his new credentials, “John” went job hunting but found himself mocked yet again. He was perplexed. He didn’t understand why people laughed when he said his name. He’d heard the name referenced numerous times on American television. He’d heard the name used so many times on TV, that he assumed it was just a wildly popular name in his new country. Angry that he spent his life savings on a mockery-inducing ID, Fifi returned to “his guy” and demanded a new ID. “His guy” refused. Fifi responded by tattooing the name “John Doe” onto his guy’s forehead.
Fifi’s outburst carried with it severe repercussions. “His guy” got a couple of goons together and scoured the city looking for Fifi. When they found him, they tried to break his knees but failed. They didn’t know that Fifi had spent most of his life as a manual laborer on a farm. His farmhand muscles turned the table on his attackers and he beat them senseless. He picked their pockets and left them to lick their wounds.
The thugs reported back to their superiors expecting reinforcements, instead they got fitted for cement shoes and Fifi was hired as their replacements. When offered employment as an enforcer, Fifi’s only requirement was that he could change his name again and have permission to break the legs of anyone who referenced his old name. A bargain was made and Fifi began a lucrative career in crime. Armed with yet another new name, he served his crime bosses well. He didn’t mind the fact that his partners kept getting killed and replaced by rookies. His constantly screaming, blow-hard boss never bothered him. He just worked steadily and kept his head down until he became the best at what he did, even though what he did wasn’t very nice. He worked so hard and so efficiently that his overbosses feared he’d eventually replace them. They proposed that he retire early, with an agreement that they could call on him for the occasional odd job. They agreed on a retirement date and everything was good to go, until Fate intervened.
FIfi’s last job before retirement was supposed to be simple, but it resulted in a blood-bath. Everyone died except for Fifi and “the package” which turned out to be a genetically manipulated baby Chihuahua named Guffin. Something about the baby melted Fifi’s ice cold heart that day. He adopted the baby as his own and decided to settle into retirement as a single parent. What he didn’t know at the time was that his adopted son’s genes harbored some nasty surprises. When enraged, the boy’s body mass and aggression levels would expand exponentially. A single temper tantrum could result in the destruction of a city block if Fifi was caught off guard. Fifi relocated to the outskirts of town and took his son to various doctors hoping to cure his bizarre biology. Fifi’s medical bills skyrocketed and he found his savings dwindling. His bills forced him to come out of retirement and do one last job. Then another one…and another one…and another one. If the rumors can be believed, he’s currently working on his very, very, very, very last job before re-retirement. Pray that his last job doesn’t involve you. Fifi’s desperate, cash-strapped, and very good at what he does.

Pablo Dali

Every criminal organization has heard of the handiwork of Pablo Dali. He’s the modern expressionist of hitmen. He turned gang warfare into a literal art form.
He made his first big splash in the big city by eliminating an entire crime family in a flamboyant fashion. Once he dispatched the gangsters, he arranged their bodies so that they mirrored Da Vinci’s last supper and then decorated them with cute little party hats. He then wrote a rather lovely poem on the wall, penned with the blood of his victims. The media ate up his handiwork. The Pablo Dali Christmas Massacre became so sensationalized that by the year’s end, a local rapper wrote a song about it. The album went triple platinum, won a Grammy, and resulted in the mysterious disappearance of its writer.  The police couldn’t pin the hit on Pablo, but the criminal underworld sure knew who did it.
The crime syndicates scrambled to dig up dirt on who Pablo was and where he came from, but there was nothing to dig up. Pablo has no known family and no known homeland. It’s rumored that he’s a student of the martial arts, although nobody knows who trained him. First-hand accounts of his combat prowess describe him to be multi-limbed, each limb wielding a different weapon. Snitches that work for the police report that when he’s called before mob bosses for a job, he just “poofs into existence”. He steps out of the shadows, accepts the job and payment in advance, and then his victims wide up on the evening news, killed in a vicious but strangely beautiful manner. Some people say he’s the reincarnated spirit of a vengeful forgotten artist, others say he’s the embodiment of the modern day Marquis de Sadis. Pop psychologists theorize that he’s an exhibitionist who fancies himself a performance artist along the lines of Andy Kaufman….just with more sadistic punchlines.
The only real facts about him come from eyewitness testimony from criminal sources. A year ago he was said to have been hired by the heads of two of the largest crime families in the world. They were planning to attend a peace treaty of sorts where both organizations planned to double cross the other. Both crime bosses hired Pablo to publically humiliate the other boss, so Pablo complied. He kidnapped each of them and then humiliated them in front of each other. He live cast the footage to the entire world. The crime families tried their best to scrub the transmissions, but some third world countries still received the signal. The event almost shut down the internet in several portions of the globe. One of the bosses had a homing beacon in his tooth which saved his life. His location was tracked and raided but Pablo escaped. All that was found in the raid were the two bosses dressed in pink tutus, various props that had been used to humiliate them, and a room filled with punching bags filled with the skeletons of Pablo’s past victims. The police and government officials made a token attempt to apprehend Pablo, but they mostly spent their time laughing at pirated copies of the crime boss’ humiliation and arresting the criminals who were caught on camera during the raid.
Pablo’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but his legend continues to grow as does his artistic oeuvre.

Alexandra Katzinburg, a.k.a. "The Widow"

Alexandra Katzinburg was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She grew up in upper class society and enjoyed all the privileges that come with having a millionaire for a father. She enjoyed her silver spoon until midway through college when her family’s fortune went up in literal smoke. An experimental global defense platform fell from low orbit and destroyed a small Midwestern town. The government had to blame someone for the fiasco, so they chose to persecute the manufacturer of the platform, Alexandra’s father. He and his entire family were publicly humiliated, their financial assets seized, and their credit ratings ruined forever. Alexandra was forced to drop out of college. When faced with the prospect of living out of a hotel with a plastic spork instead of a silver spoon, Alexandra became desperate. She accepted a still-standing marriage proposal from one of her father’s business associates hoping that a rich husband would solve her money problems.
Her marriage lasted 6 months, before disaster struck when her husband perished in a freak fishing accident. A few months later she remarried. Her second husband also experienced an unfortunate accident. Receiving the financial assets of two dead husbands awakened a money-fueled bloodlust in Miss Katzinburg . By the time the authorities discovered what she was up to, she’s laid low 10 wealthy husbands and an undetermined number of lovers. The local aristocracy feared that the salacious details of her trial might encourage further women to follow in her footsteps, so drastic measures were taken. They paid off the judge, jury, and lawyers so that Alexandra was sentenced to death. She was on her way to the electric chair when a last minute rescuer appeared with a rocket launcher. This unidentified person (presumed to be one of her many lovers) brazenly freed her from police custody when she was being transported to death row.
Alexandra’s rescuer was a total stranger to her, but she willingly fled with him from the scene. He said that he was a scientist who had fallen in love with her while watching news reports of her trial. He told her that he wanted to help her, to make her into a better person. For a moment, Alexandra actually believed him, despite his rather hideous appearance. Romantic notions conjured up from her repeated viewings of The Phantom of the Opera started to bubble up inside of her…he would be her disfigured Phantom and she would be his black-widow Christine Daae. She planned to indulge his romantic notions until the appropriate time, and to then dispatch him like the rest of the men in her life. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t act quickly enough. Her man of mystery turned out to be exactly like the Phantom of the Opera—insane.
His pledge to make her into a better person actually meant that he was going to turn her into a hideously deformed gene-mutant. He mixed her feline DNA with that of a spider’s and warped her into a vicious killing machine, which he then leased out to crime families, drug lords, and the occasional black-ops military operation.  In the criminal underworld, Alexandra became known as “The Widow” and her services earned her creator untold millions. Her employer wiped out most of her memories (a side effect of the trauma caused by the mutation process) but on occasion, she almost remembers who she used to be....if the day ever comes where she fully regains her memory, her fury will be like the fires of hell…only hotter.

Triple J

Jimmy Jonah Jeremiah, or “Triple J”, was born into a backwoods redneck family. His mother drank, smoked, danced, and fornicated the entire time she was pregnant with Triple J, which probably explains why he came out the way he did—a three-headed freak of nature.
Jimmy was supposed to be born with two brothers, but he absorbed them in his mother’s intoxicated womb and all that came out was Jimmy and something extra. Jimmy’s brother’s Jonah and Jeremiah emerged as a gruesome twosome attached to the top of Jimmy’s head. Their brains and personalities were intact, but they were missing everything from the neck down. Jimmy’s brothers resented the fact that he got most of the lion’s share of their body so the three of them fought and bickered constantly. Their spats drove Momma crazy, so she entered the boys into an underground kitten fighting ring. She figured that a good fight would either cause the boys to band together or give them a butt-kicking they’d never forget. Much to Momma’s surprise, Triple J won the match and earned Momma some extra drinking money. Momma saw green and Triple J’s future was sealed. He dominated in the illegal kitten fighting rings and once he was old enough, Momma entered him into the cage fighting circuit.
Triple J earned enough money that Momma bought herself an entire trailer park just to get drunk in. The boys got whatever money was left over. Money didn’t matter much to Jimmy as long as he had food in his belly and a roof over his heads. Jeremiah lived for the fighting, so he was happy as long as Jimmy was throwing punches. Little Jonah was the smartest but the smallest out of the bunch. He saw that Momma was taking 90% of the profits and the boys were getting shafted. He grew resentful and at night, he would try to think really hard about Momma’s deceit in the hopes that his thoughts would “trickle down” into his brother’s heads. After months of sleeplessness, Jonah’s efforts finally succeeded.
Jeremiah and Jimmy realized that they could participate in more fights and eat more food if Momma took a smaller cut of the profits. They confronted Momma about the money, but they did so at the worst possible moment. Momma was on a particularly nasty bender…to say she fell off the wagon doesn’t cut it... She fell off the wagon, grabbed an ax, chopped up the wagon, and burned it so she could never get back on it again. She flew off in a furry and Triple J thought he’d won the argument, but he was mistaken. She returned demanding that he throw the nights match. She bet all their money on him losing. If he threw the night’s match, she’d take the winnings and leave him be. He refused and she stormed off in huff. When he returned from that night’s fight he found a giant bag of tacos sitting in his locker room with a note saying they were for him. He thought they were a peace offering from his mother. They weren’t. One of Momma’s drug buddies laced the tacos with nitroglycerine and an accelerant. A few minutes after ingesting the tacos, Triple J exploded. Jimmy and Jeremiah were knocked out by the blast, but Jonah’s will to live was strong enough to keep them all alive long enough to reach the hospital. The doctors transported them to the ER, but the power went out and the floor of the operating theater caved in. Triple J’s body dropped into the crevice and vanished.
Jonah thought he was going to die, but he woke up in a high-tech laboratory with a creepy-looking doctor instead. The doctor said that he was an inventor who worked closely with the hospital. He’d created a piece of nanotech prosthesis that could save Triple J’s life, but he wasn’t allowed to test it on living subjects. He saw Triple J wheeled into the ER and took matters into his own hands. Jonah’s brothers suffered catastrophic brain damage from the bomb attack leaving them no smarter than bricks. For the first time in his life, Jonah took charge over Jimmy’s body. The doctor said he has to keep Triple J for observation to make sure there were no unforeseen complications with his new nanobot hands and torso. The doctor trained Jonah to use his nanohands in exchange for Jonah’s help around the laboratory. On most days Triple J helps the doctor do mundane tasks, but on special days, he gets to go outside and help the doctor by punching people, robbing graves, and participating in other doctor-related tasks. Jonah doesn’t really understand why the doctor has him dig up graves, but it doesn’t bother him much. As long as he has tacos in his belly and his appendages keep working, he’s happy to help his benefactor in any possible way. Even if those ways might be a little illegal.

Scot (a.k.a. Wolfenswine) & Xandra

Scot and Xandra were a match made in heaven. God blessed them both with wicked good looks and dangerously low I.Q.’s…so they naturally ended up dating each other. They were high school sweethearts that continued their meathead romance into college. Scott was a fabulously muscled football player and Xandra was an effervescent cheerleader. The two of them played hard on the sports field and partied hard off of it. They probably should have dialed back on the partying a little. Their song was “A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody”…in their cases, partying did. It caused them to drive off the side of a cliff.
One second they were falling, the next second they were dead and their souls were floating in the netherworld. They found themselves in front of a translucent door with the words “Game Room” inscribed on it. They entered and found themselves in what could only be described as the hall closet of Scot’s grandmother. It was a room stuffed with all sorts of obscure board games, outdated video game consoles, and sports equipment.  They wafted towards a small sign that said “Rules” on it, but they had difficulty reading it…so a talking door in the corner explained what it said. Because they died in a violent, unexpected manner, they would get a second chance at life. If they could challenge Death to a game and defeat him, they will be returned to life. If they lost their match, their souls would remain in limbo until judgment day. Just as the two of them were about to challenge Death to a game ofDance Dance Revolution: Drunk Frat House Edition, they were suddenly sucked back into the mortal realm.
While their souls were outside the time space continuum, their bodies had been stolen and resurrected. The funeral home where their memorial services took place robbed their coffins at the last minute and sold their bodies on the black-market. A creepy-looking doctor purchased their remains and transported them to his underground laboratory where he converted them into cyberzombies. The instant he flipped the switches on their bodies, their souls were sucked back into their retooled bodies. Scot’s torso was replaced with a genetically modified wolf’s head and his innards were all rearranged. Xandra’s limbs were replaced with electrical extensions and powered by a massive battery lodged in her spine.
Xandra was horrified to see her new body. Scot actually thought that the wolf’s head was pretty awesome. He sort of liked their new situation in life until he realized that his favorite parts of his girlfriend’s anatomy were now encased in a non-removable electro conductive material. When he found that out, he went nuts and trashed the lab.
The two of them broke free of their restraints and escaped into the night. They tried to return to their dorm rooms but were run off by hysterical roommates. They discovered that although they could understand each other, non- zombies heard nothing but the word “brains” when they spoke. Scot and Xandra couldn’t return to their families in such a state, so just sort of wander through small towns avoiding the police and mobs with shotguns.  They’re often spotted robbing 7-11’s and Taco Bells. Xandra is often spotted pilfering electronics, possibly hoping that they will allow her to communicate to someone other than her boyfriend. Reports say that Scot spends most of his time angrily smashing things. His outbursts are probably due to sexual frustration.

If anyone would like to purchase one of the originals, they are available for $30. Email us at for further details. Payment can be made via Paypall. At the moment we can only ship in the U.S.A. but we hope to have international shipping set up once we can figure out how to make it affordable. 

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Moster Comic Sketches

Monster Carnies

Dr. Zombie

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Sketches

So I did a bunch of daily sketches for Halloween this last month with the intention of posting them on Halloween night…but then I forgot and here we are in the month of November. I posted a couple of the sketches up on our pretty weird site if anyone wants to take a look. When I have time, I'll color these guys and put them into one of our sketchbooks we'll be selling at the Cons next year.

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Free Comic Book Day - Halloween

Free Comic Book Day - Halloween Fest

Free Comic Book Day - Halloween Fest

Pretty Weird Art spent our Saturday doing mini sketches for a bunch of little kids that came through Punk Monkey Comic's shop over the weekend. I thought I'd share a couple snap shots of the drawings we did for the kids. Most of our sketches has to be done in 15 minutes, which must have seemed like an eternity in kid minutes.

Churchology Poster: Genesis

I’m reading through the Bible book by book, with a specific focus on how the Bible describes God. It’s easy to make knee-jerk assumptions about God when reading selected passages of the Bible. I’m curious to see what a total package, cover-to-cover view of God looks like. I want to see all of his attributes combined into one big fat list. What I’m going to do is read each book and summarize God’s actions throughout it. Once I’ve completed that, I’ll go back and write up my thoughts, questions, insights on how the content of each book add up to a total picture of the Bible’s God.

The Biblical narrative starts off with God making the cosmos. God methodically creates everything with the end results being a “good” world populated by “good” creatures. When God gets to man, he creates the human race differently from everything else. Man is symbolically formed in “God’s image” and is set apart as being more important than the rest of creation. God makes other symbolic gestures in the creative process. Genesis says that God rested on the 7th day as an example for man to follow—a six day work week with a seventh day of rest. God’s formation of Eve out of Adam’s rib is also symbolic of the marriage relationship that God later establishes.

Once creation is completed, God explicitly communicates to humanity in the primordial world. He instructs Adam and Eve to rule the world, to name the animal kingdom, to tend the garden in which they live, and to have lots of children. God then presents humanity with a loyalty test. He has mankind purposefully choose to either obey or disobey him through the use of free will. God warns that if man chooses to know good and evil, death will enter the world. Adam and Eve eventually chose to disobey. God judges them for their actions. He curses the animal kingdom, childbirth, and the growing of crops. He then kills an animal to clothe Adam and Eve. It doesn’t spell it out in scripture, but from that point on, God apparently instructed Adam to practice animal sacrifice during the act of worship. God also symbolically states that a “snake-bit” descendent of Adam’s will crush the head of the snake that bit him, i.e. one of Adam’s descendant’s will overcome sin’s curse of death in the future.

Cain and Able
Following this, we get an account of God responding to sacrificial offerings from Adam’s sons, Cain and Abel. Abel offers a sacrifice that is accepted by God and Cain offers one that isn’t accepted. It looks like Cain’s sacrifice is rejected because it doesn’t follow God’s instructions. God’s sacrificial system was meant to teach man that we can only be forgiven of our sins through the substitutionary death of an innocent being. Cain’s sacrifice usurped the sacrificial symbol with a works based symbol, which is anathema to God. God confronts Cain and Cain murders Able out of anger. God confronts Cain a second time and punishes him by removing his ability to successfully grow crops. Because of this, Cain is forced to become a nomad for the rest of his life. Cain complains that God’s punishment is too drastic and also states his fear that he’ll be murdered out of revenge.  God places a protective mark on Cain and pronounces a curse on anyone who attempts to physically harm him.

The prodigy of Adam then populate the world and grow more and more “wicked” in the eyes of God.  God allows this to continue until every “imagination of mankind becomes only evil continually". At this point, God has had enough of humanity’s evil and decides to hit the reset button. He preserves Noah and his family, who are the only god-fearing people left in a corrupt civilization, and destroys the world in a global cataclysm. Afterwards, God makes a legal covenant with Noah that he will never again destroy the world with a global flood. He tells Noah to repopulate the world, to practice capital punishment for murder, and (oddly enough) to abstain from eating bloody meat. God also says that he’s going to limit the lifespan of human beings because “the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth”.

Civilization rebuilds. This time, civilization doesn’t spread out; it stays unified in a single people group. God sees this as a bad thing. I’m not entirely sure why, possibly because a unified world would lead to people becoming corrupt faster and to greater extremes. My assumption is that if mankind remained unified, the world would rapidly fall into total depravity like it did before the flood. God says that if mankind remains unified, the race will be limitless. God creates a language barrier that causes civilization to disband and migrate. 

After Babel  God sets out to build the family line that will eventually become the nation of Israel. He chooses a god-fearing man named Abram to be the progenitor of the Jewish nation. God tells Abram to leave his hometown and to travel to a geographic location that will one day become the home of the Israel. During Abram's travels, God enters into a legally binding agreement (i.e. covenant) with Abram. God has Abram act out a legal procedure practiced by the people of that time period which places God under the penalty of death if he doesn’t fulfill his part of the agreement. God says that he will bless Abram with wealth, land ownership, and a massive brood of children (one of whom will bless the entire world). God makes it explicitly clear that Abram will have a naturally-birthed child with his wife Sarah that will kick off his family lineage. God changes Abram's name to Abraham to signify that he'll be the father of an expansive nation. God also reveals that the Abraham’s offspring will be enslaved in Egypt in the future, but that they will eventually be freed, be blessed with wealth, and will be returned to the land once “the iniquity of the Amorites is full”. God also pronounces a blessing and a curse. Whoever will show kindness to Abraham and the Jews will be blessed by God, but whoever antagonizes the Jews will be antagonized by God.  

Despite God’s covenant, Abraham remains childless for decades. His childlessness causes him to doubt Gods promise, but God constantly reaffirms his promise to Abraham.  On several occasions, God even has to circumvent situations that Abraham puts himself into that threaten the fulfillment of God’s promise. Eventually, after it seems utterly impossible for Abram's wife to have a natural childbirth, God gives them a son named Issac. After Issac’s birth, Abraham's family grows rapidly. 

God then tests Abraham’s faith again, this time by telling him to do the unspeakable, sacrifice his son. Abraham attempts to obey, but God stays his hand and says that since he was willing to give up his son, God will extend his promises of material blessing from Abraham to Issac. God commands that Abraham and his family practice male circumcision as an outward display of their participation in God’s covenant with Abraham.

Issac and Jacob
Once Abraham passes from the scene, God tells Issac he will bless him because of Abraham’s obedience and faith. Issac has two sons, Jacob and Essau. Of the two sons, Jacob is chosen by God to receive the family blessing and to continue the family bloodline, while Essau rejects the family faith and is excluded from the line. During Jacob’s life, God appears to him in both dreams and in physical manifestations, each time reiterating his covenant with Abraham and extending it to Jacob. God changes Jacob’s name to Israel (and gives him a wrestling war-wound) to signify his participation in God’s divine blessing. Jacob’s sons become the foundation of what will become the twelve tribes of Israel.

Joseph and Egypt
Once Jacob’s twelve sons have matured, God communicates to Jacob’s youngest son, Joseph. Joseph experiences prophetic visions that he shares with his brothers. Joseph’s descriptions of his visions are so obnoxious, that his brothers sell him into slavery to shut him up. Joseph’s heavenly visions continue even when he gets condemned to prison on trumpted-up rape charges. Eventually, his circumstances improve when he is dragged from jail to appear before Egypt’s Pharaoh. Pharaoh is plagued by dreams which warn of a coming famine that will devastate all the countries surrounding Egypt. Pharaoh makes Joseph his second in command to prepare the country for the coming famine. Joseph prepares Egypt so well, that Egypt becomes the Middle East’s Famine Relief Center. Joseph is eventually reunited with his family and he relocates his relatives to Egypt, where they are treated like royalty due to their association with Joseph.

After the Israelites relocate to Egypt,  Joseph’s father gives a death-bed prophecy. God gives Jacob prophetic knowledge of what will happen to his children and their tribes after his death. Some of their tribes are punished for sins their father’s committed. The family of Judah is specifically singled out as being the family line that will birth kings.

The book ends with the Jewish people living in prosperity in Egypt where they will grow in such numbers that they threaten to overtake the indigenous Egyptian population. In the book of Exodus, their growth will be so massive, that the political leaders take drastic measures to curb their expansion.

Death Elf and Woose Daily Comic 1