About Me

Ethan Mongin Illustration 

I'm a freelance illustrator who specializes in cartoon illustrations, comics, and posters geared towards children and adults. Most of my work is penciled and inked traditionally and then colored and completed digitally in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. I have an ongoing webcomic named "The Adventures of Death Elf and Woose" ; I create weekly "Geek Wars" posters which pitch comic book and movie icons against each other; I make "Pattern Monsters" every couple of weeks; and I do freelance children's book illustration when I get the chance. My greatest artistic skills are my mastery of pen and ink, funky coloring, and zany character designs. My work isn't your ordinary looking artwork; it's more like if Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network had a love child that Dreamworks animation then drew and animated.

I excel at creating odd-ball and unique character designs, environments, poster illustrations, and organized artistic chaos. The artwork that I create is so jam packed with visuals, that the viewer is stopped in his tracks and forced to examine every last ounce of detail in the artwork. My work is memorable and eye-catching, which has been a major selling point with advertisers and my past work clients.

I've worked for several years as a textbook illustrator for an educational press, worked as a cartoonist for a college newspaper, and contributed freelance designs to tee shirt companies, theater companies, i-phone app designers, book publishers, churches, non-profit institutions, magazines, and many other printed and digital producers.