Death Elf and Woose Comic

Story Synopsis
The Adventures of Death Elf and Woose centers on Woose, an idiotic Wootinian who is destined to be his world's bargain-bin messiah. Woose is his world's "chosen one", but he's dumb as a brick. Chaos insues as he attempts to save the world. Death Elf is Woose's appointed body guard. He wants to kill Woose, but can't do so until the world has been saved.

Issue 1
The first issue introduces Woose as he attempts to fulfill his village's right of passage into manhood.
Check out the website dedicated to the Adventures of Death Elf and Woose

Issue 1

Issue 2
The second issue is currently in the works (being penciled and inked as I type) and it will introduce several new characters, Death Elf, Wizard Whatshisface, and the Death Princess.
Here's a work-in-progress shot of the second issue cover artwork.

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