Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alice Through the Looking Glass Illustrations

I'm really excited about what I've been working on for the last few months. I've taken three classics of Victorian literature and condensed their story lines into a 12 page panorama. The artwork is heavily influenced by medieval paintings, the English illustrators from the British Golden Age of Illustration, and several cartoon network television shows that I've watched over the last year.

I've puzzled over why so many Victorian stories are illustrated in a realistic fashion. When they were originally linked with book illustration, many of them were done by cartoonists. I really want to see a return to their cartoonist origins. I want people to see that cartoons can be used to portray more serious subject matter and tales. Alice Through the Looking Glass lends itself perfectly to a cartoonist revision. For some reason, the story has been rarely illustrated. Alice In Wonderland has been illustrated hundreds of times, but the sequel has been largely neglected. I've moved slightly away from a perfect literal iteration of the story. I've made a few interpretations and slight changes to the story's visuals. By limiting myself to a twelve page panorama, I was unable to include all the characters. I chose to portray the ones that left the greatest impression on me upon reading the book.

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