Sunday, April 10, 2011

Awesome Artist Joe McFaddin

During my recent trip to The Highlands, NC, I accidentally wondered into an art gallery that was closed for business. I was walking down the sidewalk and a delightfully whimsical painting caught my eye. A lady carrying a large canvas was in the process of entering the gallery, so I held the door for her and followed after her. I wandered through the gallery, artistic drool dripping from my lips. I absolutely had to find out who painted the artwork in the window. I wondered through a few rooms eyeballing the walls until I realized that there was a lot of artwork scattered along the floor. The owner was in the process of hanging the latest show and I'd wandered in during the artist drop. The owner approached me with a quizzical expression and I quickly apologized for invading his shop. He was affable and pointed me towards a few more examples of Joe McFaddin's artwork. You should check out McFaddin's work and artist statement. He is quite the jaw-dropping talent.

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