Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That Guy With The Glasses Is AWESOME!

When I start a project, I become obsessed. I'm certain other artists understand what I mean. The project becomes "All" in my mind. It is what I am thinking about about when I wake up in the morning, while I'm driving to work, and while I'm interacting with other people. For the period of time that I am working on it, the project becomes symbiotically attached to my consciousness. My mind thinks only of how I can best complete the work in a way that surpasses both my and my audience's expectations.

Sometimes a person needs a break from such intense bouts of obsession....

That's when a good movie or television show proves invaluable. When played in the background or during a work break, it gives the mind a moment of relief.
I've noticed that most of my artist friends use Hulu or Netflix as their primary source of entertainment. I've recently found a website that provides me with more entertainment than both of those sites. It's called That Guy With The Glasses.

That Guy With The Glasses is pretty much dedicated to nerds and cinofiles who like to make humorous critiques of popular entertainment from the 80's and 90's. The critics are everyday people who enjoy making idiots of themselves in front of cameras while pointing out the often overlooked stupidity of Hollywood, comics, and video games.
What's great is that each reviewer concentrates on a particular genre of entertainment and has a distinct style and sense of humor.

My favorite shows are Atop the Fourth Wall, Nostalgia Critic, and Comic Book Issues. Their creators are hilarious. They poke fun at terribly drawn comic books, old cartoons, and the entertainment fads of the 90's. They provide more laughs and logic than anything mainstream television has to offer.

If you get anything from this blog post, it's that you should check out That Guy With the Glasses the next time you need a break from your work. If you're a comic book geek like me, you'll love Linkara's videos. He's hilarious and classy. The website is an awesome testament to how great backyard grassroots entertainment can be.

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