Sunday, April 10, 2011

Erte Prints Discovered in The Highlands of NC

I took a friend of mine up to the Highlands, NC for a job interview this last week. After the interview, I forced him to let me pop into two art galleries for a few minutes. In the back of the second gallery, we found a stack of 50 images by the artist Erte. We both adore Erte. We both peed a little in our pants. We chased down the owner and begged her for details about the prints. It turns out that she represented many of his works from the 80's. The prints we were holding were not originals unfortunately, they were plates from an out of print book. Regardless, I picked out a print for my wife's birthday. It's going up in our bedroom.

If you're interested in a print, check out the Ann Jacob Gallery. There are about 40 prints left, at $25 a piece. The owner is a marvelous lady who is a wealth of historical information.

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