Sunday, April 10, 2011

2010 Scaddy Awards: NVFS Annual Report Cover

I've been reorganizing my studio recently and I came across the 2010 Scaddy Awards book. The award ceremony last year was epic. Not necessarily because of the spectacle, but because of the string of bad luck that surrounded the ceremony.

I submitted a piece of artwork that I did earlier in the year for the Northern Virginia Family Services Annual Report. The illustration won me a Silver Scaddy Award.

When I heard of my award, I was attending school and working in Atlanta while my wife was living in Columbia. The awards ceremony was to take place in Savannah on a Friday night. My wife really really wanted to participate in the events with me, so I told her that I'd pick her up on my way to the ceremony. What followed was a laundry list of worst-case scenarios. Her work schedule changed suddenly. I got off work late. The gallery in Savannah LOST my artwork for the show. I had to reprint, frame, and mat my artwork on the way to the ceremony. I accidentally left a bloody finger print on the mat during the trip. The result of our journey, we arrived after the ceremony was finished and my artwork wasn't displayed in the art show.

Despite our troubles, the trip was wonderful. It provided an excellent venue to interact with other artists and professionals, my wife toured SCAD's Savannah campus for the first time, we found a great little comic book shop, and we bought a couple of interesting comics ( mine was Chew, the wife's was Sweet Tooth).

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